“Call Norman Gershon if you want the “Best Result” with your case. You will know why immediately upon speaking with him due to his innate ability to connect and communicate. Smart, experienced, compassionate. tough are words that describe him. I know from first-hand interaction he is the class of the field. You owe it to yourself to have him assess your situation, if you want a superior result with a communicative, wrinkle free process call Norman Gershon.”

— Michael Benowich


“Norman worked his magic and got me a bigger settlement than I expected. He is a kind, caring, compassionate lawyer with a great sense of humor! Who knew? I highly recommend Norman Gershon. Thanks Norman.”

— Nancy Joyce

“Without a doubt, I’d suggest Norman to anyone. He was thorough, well prepared, and his courtroom demeanor was very professional. He has great instincts when it came to the makeup of the jury. During the trial, he was comfortable and confident — I couldn’t have asked for better. It was clear he knew the ins and outs of the courtroom. He kept me on top of things as they were progressing, and did a super job representing me — he was top-notch.”

— Lance, New York


“Norman is a great lawyer with a brilliant mind. I don’t think I would have won my case if it weren’t for his skills. But it goes beyond that. Norman is not just a great lawyer — most lawyers are cold and business-like. He’s a wonderful, warm, caring person who has your best interests at heart.”

— S.W., Queens, N.Y.


“I don’t think that there’s any trial lawyer out there that is as dedicated and as committed to his clients as Norman. He is an extremely understanding, caring, accommodating person who arranged our meeting schedule to make it as convenient as possible for me when I was not feeling well. I’ve never met anyone who is as is detail-oriented, accurate, and to the point. Norman knows his job and studies both sides of the case in such great detail — leaving nothing to chance. There is nothing more rewarding for a person in my situation than having a trial lawyer who knows everything, who fights for your rights in the courtroom, and who is thoroughly prepared to counter anything that the opposition brings to the table. I was extremely pleased with the outcome of my case.”

— Z.B., New York


“Norman did a fantastic job representing me — I was very pleased with his manner and persuasiveness in court. He was very open, his skills were very impressive and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing a lawyer. In fact, I already have recommended him to someone I know. I have the utmost trust in him as a trial attorney.”

— Pastor Edwards, Bronx, N.Y.


“Norman is very attentive — he goes above and beyond to make sure that you as a person are okay, and that was very important to me. His knowledge and attention to detail extended far beyond what I expected from an attorney and he had an energy about him that made me relax and feel confident that he would take care of everything. He made sure I understood the case, and I didn’t ever have to chase him for a call back. He was always totally thorough and on point with everything that needed to be done. During the trial, I was amazed — I felt like I was watching Law and Order. His line of questioning flowed so seamlessly, and no matter what answers he got, he adjusted his questioning and came right back. I hope I never again need a personal injury lawyer, but I know that if I do, Norman will be my first call.”

— L. Miller, New York City


“From the beginning, we were very confident with Norman on our side. He made us feel comfortable, he was very responsive, and he always kept us informed about all our options. In the courtroom he was totally prepared, organized, and you could see right away that he was well respected and held in high regard by the Court. The outcome was fantastic, and we were very happy with the verdict.”

— S.D., Queens, N.Y.


“Norman is an extraordinary trial attorney. First and foremost, he’s very knowledgeable, super-dedicated, easy to talk to, and he always has the client in the forefront of everything he does. He’s provided phenomenal representation for me and other family members in completely different cases. When he represented my parents he took care of them as if they were his own. I honestly feel like he’s part of the family. He’s so accessible — right there when you need him and he does everything from his heart. And best of all, he delivers results.”

— S.W., New York


“I consider Norman to be an exceptional lawyer. Not only is he personable and nurturing — in the courtroom he’s very astute, and he reads people extremely well, which is a skill you want your lawyer to have. All the advice he’s given me has been excellent, and he’s someone I totally trust. He worked tirelessly to get the verdict we were hoping for.”

— C.W.L., New York


“A good attorney can make all the difference in the world, and Norman is the rare breed of lawyer that everyone wants on their side. He’s highly competent, focused, well-prepared, and a real fighter — he got me a settlement I never thought possible. I was very impressed with Norm’s tremendous drive and focus — he is always very much on his game, he has excellent trial skills and was a strong advocate for me. The typical lawyer treat clients like just a number and is always busy checking the Blackberry, but not Norman. And, he’s such a nice guy — the kind of person you’d want as a friend. He made me so comfortable and gave such personal attention, I felt like I was his only client. I admire him and would recommend him to anyone.”

— T.D., New York


“I was hesitant to switch attorneys, but after speaking with Norman on the phone and meeting him in person, it was evident that he was the man I needed to represent me. When I hired Norman, I knew I definitely made the right decision. He’s one of the most stand-up, honest and trustworthy men I’ve ever met. Norman is a brilliant attorney – a beast in the courtroom! He’s an excellent lawyer, and someone that I consider a friend.”

— R. Dessasore


“Norman didn’t leave anything to chance. He even went so far as to travel more than 100 miles upstate to meet with a police officer. Norman was so easy to reach, he returned my calls quickly, and he even called me to keep me updated on what was happening. My case was a tough one, and we knew going in that it would not be easy, but Norman was relentless in covering all the bases. He’s a truly skilled trial attorney – the way he worked the jury was amazing. I got a better outcome than I expected, thanks to Norman’s professionalism and dedication.”

— Anthony Mangino



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