Finding an experienced car accident attorney to work with is most important thing you can do if you’ve been seriously injured in an auto accident. Do you have questions about your case or any problems with an insurance claim? Did you or a loved one suffer from any catastrophic injuries that could disable you for life? Are you curious about how to maximize your potential recovery? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should consider speaking with the law office of Norman Gershon today. You should hire a car accident lawyer who will represent your best interests so that you can focus on recovery. A good accident attorney can ensure all procedural paperwork is filed, provide general legal advice, determine if you have a case, negotiate with insurance adjusters, and represent you in court, if necessary. To make sure you find an experienced car accident lawyer the following ideas are helpful when contacting professionals.

Experience Really Matters

In any legal matter, experience is critical. Most attorneys focus primarily on a specific type of case. If you’re pursuing a car accident claim, it’s usually best to find an attorney with proven experience in recovering settlements. Don’t be afraid to ask an attorney about their experience. Ask how many car accident cases they have handled. Have they ever taken a case to trial? Do they receive favorable settlements for their clients? You should ask these questions to determine if an attorney has the needed expertise.

Be Clear About Your Expectations

Honesty and communication are key elements of the client-attorney relationship. Look for a lawyer willing to answer your questions and provide in-depth and detailed responses. Make sure your attorney is transparent about the process and outlines precisely what you should expect along the way. Make sure the car accident attorney you hire is accessible when you need them. Are they looking out for your best interests? Do they have a plan of action if something goes wrong? Ask your lawyer to go over their services and how they approach client communications.

Ask for the Lawyers Results in Other Cases

Only the most successful attorneys will let you know about their previous court settlements. Don’t be shy about asking for the amount of settlements they have previously won. Ask about the opponents they have gone up against as well. The Law Office of Norman Gershon has won over $100 million in settlements for their clients over the past 35 years, going up against the largest insurance companies and municipalities in the the region, and has a proven track record of taking cases to court if the other side doesn’t negotiate in fairness. As a client, it is important to know whether your lawyer will go all the way to fight for your interests.

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